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Yes, You Do Need Specialised Ladders… 4 May 2017  | 1 Comment

Anyone who works with ladders usually has multiple roles for them, and they’re taken everywhere on the job. Their ladders are indispensable, must-have assets.

What most people don’t know is that modern ladders have diversified, and there are now many more options available for them.  

Types of Ladders and Business Values

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How to Safely Transport a Ladder 21 Mar 2017  | 0 Comments

Almost everyone has used a ladder at some point, whether it’s to change a light bulb, clean the gutters, paint an upstairs room, or prune a bush. But unless you use a ladder as part of your job, chances are you haven’t thought too much about the safest and most efficient ways to transport a ladder. To help you out, we’ve created ... Read More

5 Unusual Uses for a Ladder 31 Jan 2017  | 0 Comments

Due to the safety issues involved with ladders, there aren’t too many unorthodox or fun ways to use them that involve actually climbing them. But that’s only if you want to use them as actual ladders – in fact, you can have endless fun and get very creative with ladders as aesthetic and functional objects around the home! Use old ... Read More

When to Use a Ladder 21 Nov 2016  | 0 Comments

Got some tasks to do around the house or on the job and not sure whether you need a ladder? We’ve created this quick guide to some of the common situations where you need a ladder to help you make up your mind. Below you’ll find information on which type of ladder suits each job best, as well as safety tips for each task. 

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Extension vs Platform Step Ladders 7 Nov 2016  | 0 Comments

Extension and Platform Ladders – What's the Difference?

When browsing ladders for sale online or wandering through your local Brisbane ladder shop, it might be unclear whether you should get an extension ladder or a step ladder. Both types of ladders can be very useful in the right circumstances, but they are quite different. Understanding ... Read More

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