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We have a vast range of concrete machinery, which are integral to the construction process such as cement mixers, concrete saws, trowel machines, rammers , handivibes , drive units , brick and blocksaws , plate compactors and much more.


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  • Sale!

    Indalex Tradesman Fibreglass Extension Ladder 14ft 2.8m-4.3m | TRDXF14

    SKU: TRDXF14
    $349.00 $325.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Bailey Professional Punchlock Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladder 7ft 2.1m – 3.8m

    SKU: FS13396
    $399.00 $375.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Ladamax Dual Purpose Aluminium Ladder 8′ – 14′ – (2.4m- 4.2m) – Aust Made

    SKU: SE082
    $429.00 $395.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Ladamax Fibreglass Dual Purpose Step Extension Ladder 8″ -14″ (2.4m – 4.2m) – Aust Made

    SKU: FSE082
    $459.00 $420.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Bailey 6m – 10.6m 150kg Pro 18 Aluminium Extension Ladder

    SKU: FS13631
    $1,279.00 $1,249.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    BAILEY P150 Aluminium Platform Ladder 4 Steps 1.2m

    SKU: FS13581
    $325.00 $309.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Double Sided Ladder – 10Ft (3m) -Aust Made

    SKU: DS102HA
    $595.00 $545.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla 2.4 – 3.9m 130kg Fibreglass Extension Ladder (8″-13″)

    SKU: FEL8/13-I
    $495.00 $384.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Single Ladder – 20″ (6.0m) – Aust Made

    SKU: SI202
    $359.00 $330.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Indalex Pro Series Fibreglass Platform Ladder 3 Step (0.9m)

    SKU: PROPF6/3
    $359.00 $339.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Double Sided Ladder – 14Ft (4.2m) – Aust Made

    SKU: DS142HA
    $1,085.00 $990.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla PL006-I 6-Step 1.8m 150kg Aluminium Platform Ladder

    SKU: PL006-I
    $470.00 $399.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla Aluminium Double Sided Step Ladder 120 kg 6ft 1.8m

    SKU: SM006-C
    $198.00 $185.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Little Giant Fibreglass Dark Horse Ladder (Model 13)

    SKU: Model 13
    $795.00 $720.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Indalex Pro Series Aluminium Platform Ladder 8 Steps 11ft/8ft (3.4m/2.4m)

    SKU: PROP11/8
    $499.00 $489.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Indalex Pro Series Aluminium Platform Ladder 7 Steps 10ft/7ft (3.0m/2.1m)

    SKU: PROP10/7
    $449.00 $425.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Ladamax Aluminium 150 kg Single Sided Ladder 7 Ft (2.1m) – Aust Made

    SKU: SS072
    $245.00 $225.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    BAILEY P170 Job Station Aluminium Platform Ladder 6 Steps 1.8m

    SKU: FS13541
    $609.00 $555.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    BAILEY Professional Punchlock Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder 12ft 3.6m

    SKU: FS10489
    $960.00 $879.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla FSM008-I 8-Step 2.4m 150kg Fibreglass Industrial Double Sided Step Ladder

    SKU: FSM008-I
    $438.00 $418.00 inc GST

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I just wanted to say thanks so much for your excellent service. The wheels are fitted and the ladder was used extensively today to get students up to run our follow spots. I will certainly be recommending your company to anyone who asks about our ladders and I will post it on our facebook page. Thanks again for quality of your service.

Marg OversMansfield State High School

Hi guys - just a quick THANK YOU for the outstanding service we received in relation to a ladder purchase. The ladder was ordered less than 24 hours ago and delivered to us this morning - your service is fantastic, as was the price of the item; we will definitely let everyone we know about your great business and great service.

Rose PanidisGraceville

Thank You for the reply, out of 3 companies you are the only one that
answers emails promptly and your price is also the best. Thank you!

Derek Bester