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Bailey Ladders: Getting to know Australia’s No. 1 Ladder Brand

By June 11, 2020No Comments
What’s the best ladder brand in Australia? Ask any local, professional tradesman or ladder supply store and most will tell you, it’s Bailey. The brand has been around for more than 50 years, and has established itself as the leading provider of ladders on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and throughout Australia.

Humble Beginnings

But it certainly didn’t start off this way. It started as a small company founded by Bill Bailey Sr. in 1956, with its first factory located in Sydney.

As the years passed, Bill Bailey Jr. eventually inherited the company and established a new factory in Brisbane. Being a mechanical engineer, Bill Bailey Jr. was unsatisfied with simply making the same type of ladder over and over, and was driven to making a product that was much safer. Through a decade of research and development, he came up with a revolutionary manufacturing process called Punchlock which effectively reduced frame twist, making the ladders more durable and safer to use. This helped catapult the company to success, and after years and acquisitions by the world’s largest ladder manufacturer, it now stands as Australia’s premier source for high quality ladders.

Why Choose Bailey?

Bailey aluminium ladders now come in a wide assortment to suit various needs and industries. There are platform stepladders, single-sided and double-sided, order picking and extension ladders and many more. There are also those made of fibreglass to ensure safety when working in the electrical industry. Whether it’s for home or industrial use, you can be sure to find a Bailey ladder to suit your needs perfectly.

But it’s not just variety that sets Bailey apart from the rest. There are several features unique to Bailey that fortify the quality, strength and durability of each of their products:

  • Punchlock technology – Originally developed by Bill Bailey Jr., this revolutionary technique makes ladders 66% stronger than conventional riveted types. Through a swaging process, the ends of each tread are rolled out through the stile to form a strong connection, leaving no clearances that can cause the tread to become loose over time.
  • Double hollow tread – Unlike conventional ‘C’ shaped treads, the double hollow tread resists bending and twisting, thereby increasing the rigidity of the ladder.

Vetner Ladders

  • Tri-bracing – Instead of a strip brace, which supports only its two points of contact, a tri-brace is used and this supports the entire length along the stile and the tread. This not only makes the ladder stronger, but also eliminates the presence of open voids that catch clothing or body parts and cause accidents.

Vetner Ladders

  • Strong yet lightweight – High strength aluminium alloys are used in the production of Bailey ladders, making them extremely strong yet lightweight. Each product is also rigorously tested and made to comply with Australian and New Zealand standards, so you can be assured of utmost strength and durability.

Safety is always the number one concern when it comes to working at heights, and no other brand prioritises this more than Bailey. If you want strong, stable, high quality ladders that ensure your safety, Bailey is the best brand for you.

If you’d like to purchase any of Bailey’s single-sided, double-sided, extension or platform ladders in Brisbane, choose the specialists, choose Vetner. Visit our store today.

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