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Cargo Nets vs Regular Tie Downs

By June 11, 2020No Comments

Securing Your Load: Cargo Nets Versus Tying Down

Every good tradesperson or do-it-yourself enthusiast knows how important it is to secure your load when driving. Not doing so can lead to damage or loss of your cargo or, more seriously, cause an accident if it comes loose and falls in traffic. Even if you don’t think it’s important (and you should), the law would beg to differ.

How to Secure Your Load

The two most common ways to secure a load are to tie it down with ropes or specially designed straps or to cover it with a cargo net to hold it down. We’ll look at the different options below and weigh up the pros and cons of each.

The Traditional Method: Rope

Rope is the go-to for many people. It’s simple, traditional, and many people have it just laying around. But rope has many downfalls too, and ultimately is the worst of the three options we’re looking at here.

Know Your Knots

First of all, if you’re using rope to secure any kind of significant load, you’ll need to be more or less an expert in knots. Without a really good, well-tied knot – such as a double half-hitch knot or an alpine butterfly – the rope may simply come loose when you get to speed or take a sharp turn.

Vague Load Limits

Because ropes are not specifically made to secure loads, it’s hard to gauge how much they can secure. Ropes are usually rated for climbing, not for shifting boxes of trade tools up and down the Gold Coast, so even finding out a rope’s strength rating may not give you much idea of how much load it can bear on a moving vehicle.

Rope Wears Thin

Compared to other options, rope wears out fairly quickly, and a weakened rope presents a hazard. This means that rope you have lying around isn’t really an option, and you’ll need to replace ropes often to be safe.

Step Up to Straps

Straps are definitely a better option than rope. They are cheap, readily available and easy to use. Straps are also designed for this purpose, which means they are rated for their load bearing capacity.

Choose Ratchet

When choosing between different straps, ratchet straps are your best option. These straps have a spring-loaded device to keep them from slipping, making it very easy to increase or decrease tension.

Gone With the Wind

The only real problem with straps is that they leave so much of your load unprotected. Yes, they can hold a load in place, but if any smaller parts come loose they can simply fall through the gaps between the straps.

Cargo Nets: A Comprehensive Solution

Cargo nets are by far the best solution for securing any load. They offer the strength, durability, and easy use of straps combined with a secure covering of thick, tear-proof mesh to give you true peace of mind. There are specialised cargo nets for utesfor trucks, and even to integrate with roof racks.

Heavy Lifting

When properly used, cargo nets can secure loads up to 700 and 1000 kilograms – and that limit can be increased by adding more straps. This means they are more than enough for any tradie or home improvement nut!

Find Out More

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