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Cargo Nets Vs. Tarps

By June 11, 2020July 5th, 2024No Comments

Cargo Nets vs. Mesh Tarps

When you’re choosing how to secure your items in your vehicle, you’ll need to consider which is better for your needs – a cargo net or a tarp. You’ll need to secure your load by law to ensure the safety of your goods as well as minimise risks on the road. Here are a few pros and cons for each of them, to help you select the one which is right for you.


Cargo Nets


  • You can see what’s going on underneath. Especially if you’re driving your ute long distances and won’t have the opportunity to peek in on your load to make sure everything is ok — having a cargo net means just a quick glance in your rear view mirror to double check all of your goods are still where you expect them to be.
  • The material is flexible and stretches so you can securely cover your cargo goods easily. You can pull the net tightly over different shapes, so that each item is secure in and of itself within the back of your ute.
  • UV protection helps prevent damage from sun or wind exposure, keeping your net usable for longer.
  • Load-rated safety nets are available, meaning you can have peace of mind when it comes to carrying heavy or bulky loads.
  • No water pooling will occur, meaning you don’t risk making your load heavier as you do with a tarp.


  • No rain protection if you hit bad weather. You’ll have to cover each item before placing it in the vehicle if you suspect it will rain on the road.


Mesh Tarps


  • Protection from the elements. This is probably the biggest advantage of a tarp, in that it protects your goods from rain and other elements more than a net would.
  • Fast to put on your ute. You can minimise the amount of time it takes to secure your vehicle by simply throwing the tarp on top and securing the sides.
  • Fewer visual distractions because it’s one colour. When you look through the rear view mirror, your eyes will have an easier time focusing on traffic rather than your cargo.


  • Pooling of water if it rains. This can increase the weight of your load, and if you’re on the line for load capacity this might be a risky move.
  • Inflexible design means you’re stuck with what you have. If you have a bulky item and your tarp doesn’t fit, you risk having an unsecured load.


Choosing whether a tarp or a cargo net is better for your needs likely depends on the weather and goods you have. For questions and help from cargo experts, visit one of our stores in Queensland or check out our cargo net section online.

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