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Construction Site Safety – Part 2 (Different Types of PPE and Proper Selection)

By June 11, 2020June 6th, 2024No Comments

Next to having high quality building tools and equipment such as concrete machinery and ladders for Brisbane job sites or other locations in Australia, one of the most important things every tradesman or construction worker should have is Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.

But while PPE is important and crucial to worker’s safety, it will only be effective if chosen correctly. Thus, to help you, we share below a basic PPE list as well as some tips on choosing the right equipment.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment

  • Eye protection – On construction sites, workers often have to deal with various hazards that may put their eyes at risk, such as chemicals, dust, and radiation. Some options for eye protection include goggles, safety spectacles, visors, and face shields.
  • Foot protection – Wearing appropriate safety footwear is also essential to prevent slips, cuts, scratches, and being struck by falling objects or heavy loads. Choose safety shoes or boots with protective toecaps that can cover and protect the workers’ feet and legs.
  • Hand protection – While hand protection such as gloves can affect the performance of some of the tasks being undertaken, it is still crucial to wear them to get the job done safely. There are different types of gloves today used for specific purposes, such as latex, insulated and welding gloves. Whatever type is selected, make sure it fits the user snugly.
  • Head and neck protection – Hard hats and safety helmets are a must in every job site. They protect users from head injuries which may occur from falling or flying objects; accidental contact from electrical hazards; or from trips and falls from operating machinery or other equipment like extension ladders on Brisbane job sites.
  • Ear protection – Being exposed to high levels of noise, no matter the duration, can have damaging effects to one’s hearing. If noise is an issue in your site, be sure to be equipped with cotton, foam or elastic ear plugs or ear muffs.

Selection of PPE

When selecting PPE, here are some pointers to follow:

  • Evaluate and assess the nature of the work and the site.
  • Determine and understand potential hazards, such as heat, radiation, chemicals, dust or impact.
  • Choose equipment that properly fits the user, considering factors such as height and weight.
  • Choose proper protective equipment that complies with the relevant Australian standards.
  • Ensure the equipment is compatible and can be comfortably worn along with other PPE items.

Selecting the right PPE is similar to picking the right tools for construction: you need to choose one that’s of excellent quality and matches your needs. Let the PPE list and tips above be your guide when choosing proper protective equipment for you or for your employees.

If you need construction tools and equipment built with quality and safety in mind, Vetner can help. We offer a wide range of tools for the construction and building industries, including trestles, concrete machinery, hand tools, wheelbarrows and ladders from trusted brands such as Bailey ladders.

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