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How to Tell a Quality Cargo Net

By June 11, 2020No Comments

When It Comes to Cargo Nets, Choose Quality

Everyone likes a bargain, and why not? But when it comes to a cargo net to secure a load on your ute, truck, or car, going for the lowest price isn’t wise unless you can be assured you’re getting quality too. The consequences of a cheaply made cargo net failing range from lost property to heavy fines to a serious car accident. We’ve put together the following checklist to help you sort the quality from the wannabes.

1. Is It Load Rated?

A worrying number of cargo-restraint products out there aren’t actually load rated, and this is a problem. Products that are simply certified are tested in limited ways to assess general strength and durability. However, to get a proper load rating, a product must undergo a far more rigorous process that will assess how it will actually handle heavy loads during acceleration, turns, at speed, and so on.

2. Is the Load Rating High Enough?

When it comes to load ratings, bigger is always better. No one wants to be worried about whether their cargo is secured, so high load ratings give you peace of mind. Cargo nets for utes should be rated for 600 kilograms or more, and for trucks you want at least 900 kilograms.

3. Is the Edge of the Net Reinforced?

The edge of the cargo net experiences extreme strain, as it takes much of the brunt of securing your load. Make sure the product you choose has heavily reinforced edges that can take the pressure.

4. How Good Is the Mesh?

The quality of the mesh in your cargo net is very important. The mesh both holds in your cargo and protects it, so it needs to be made from heavy-duty rip-resistant material. This will make sure small items stay secure if they come loose and will prevent tears occurring in the case of friction from inside or outside your tray.

5. Who’s Using It?

It’s always a sign of a good product when premier organisations consistently choose it for their operations. When browsing cargo nets for sale, check the supplier or manufacturer’s website for information about their clients – if they have good ones they’ll be boasting about it, don’t worry.

Is It UV Stabilised?

Driving with a cargo net on the sunshine coast it’s safe to assume you’ll be getting a lot of sun. Make sure whatever net you choose is UV stabilised. This will protect the net itself from degrading in prolonged sunlight, and will also shade and protect your cargo.

Are There Various Sizes Available?

A premium supplier of cargo nets will have a range of size available, which are specifically designed for different sized vehicles. Make sure detailed specifications are listed for the nets and that their range is broad enough to meet your needs.

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