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    Gorilla Aluminium Extension Ladder 150kg 21ft 3.7m – 6.5m

    SKU: EL12/21-IH
    $375.00 inc GST
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    Gorilla FSM004-I 4-Step 1.2m 150kg Fibreglass Double Sided Industrial Ladder

    SKU: FSM004-1
    $215.00 inc GST
  • Gorilla Aluminium Double Sided Step Ladder 120 kg 3ft 0.9m

    SKU: SM003-C
    $105.00 inc GST
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    Gorilla PL0508-HD 8-Step 1.5-2.4m Height Adjustable Aluminium Platform Ladder -180kg Rated

    SKU: PL0508-HD
    $570.00 inc GST
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    Gorilla FSM012-I 12-Step 3.6m 150kg Fibreglass Industrial Double Sided Step Ladder

    SKU: FSM012-I
    $675.00 inc GST
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    Gorilla Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladder 150 kg 7ft 2.1m – 3.9m

    SKU: DM007-I
    $270.00 inc GST
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    Gorilla Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladder 150 kg 8ft 2.4m – 4.5m

    SKU: DM008-I
    $295.00 inc GST
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    Gorilla Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladder 150 kg 6ft 1.8m – 3.2m

    SKU: FDM006-I
    $315.00 inc GST

With over a decade of experience manufacturing ladders for the Australian and New Zealand markets, Gorilla ladders have become known for high quality products with features that help to keep users safe. Not only this, Gorilla Ladders deliver outstanding value across a broad range of access applications.

Gorilla ladders are manufactured under ISO9001:2000 certification. Research and development is undertaken in Australia, with all Gorilla ladder designs independently type tested to Australian and New Zealand standards. Continuous batch testing reinforces Gorilla’s commitment to providing a safe and consistent product.

In Australia, Gorilla operates a national distribution network, with freight hubs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Darwin.

Gorilla has national customer service ready to assist at any stage from their head office located in Melbourne.

Gorilla Ladders, your 'go to' for quality and safety

Gorilla Ladder Features

Top Cap Organiser

On Aluminium and Industrial Fibreglass single sided ladders.

Anti-Slip Treads

Minimises slipping. Featured on all Gorilla ladder designs. (Gorilla platform ladders, Gorilla extension ladders, Gorilla order picking ladders, Gorilla step ladders etc.)

Resin Bracing System

Patented resin brace on Industrial 150kg models, 1.8m (6ft) and over (excludes extension ladders).

Roll Locked D-Shaped Rungs

Featured on Industrial extension ladders for added strength and durability.

Stabiliser Mounting

Factory produced mounting holes allow for easy fitment of stabiliser. Mounting holes on most Gorilla ladders 1.8m and over.

Internal Spreader

Packs away to prevent fouling.

Non-Slip Heavy Duty Platform

Large non-slip platform surface for added safety when working at heights. Platform featured on Gorilla platform ladders.


Heavy duty aluminium handrail fitted to all Gorilla platform ladders (positioned 900mm from platform).