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With over a decade of experience manufacturing ladders for the Australian and New Zealand markets, Gorilla ladders have become known for high quality products with features that help to keep users safe. Not only this, Gorilla Ladders deliver outstanding value across a broad range of access applications.

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    Gorilla Aluminium Extension Ladder 150kg 21ft 3.7m – 6.5m EL12/21-IH (EOY Special)

    SKU: EL12/21-IH
    $455.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla Fibreglass Pro-Lite Single Sided Step Ladder 150 kg 6ft 1.8m – FM006-PRO

    SKU: FM006-PRO
    $239.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla 8-Step 1.5-2.4m Height Adjustable Aluminium Platform Ladder -180kg Rated PL0508-HD

    SKU: PL0508-HD
    $739.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla FSM004-PRO Ladder Pro-Lite 1.2m 4 Step Double Sided Fibreglass – 150kg Rated

    SKU: FSM004-PRO
    $215.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla 1.45m-2.35m 150kg Compact Aluminium HD Adjustable Platform Ladder RPL0508-I

    SKU: RPL0508-I
    $625.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla 10/17-Step 3.1-5.3m 150kg Aluminium Extension Ladder EL10/17-IH

    SKU: EL10/17-IH
    $399.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla 1.15m-1.75m 150kg Compact Aluminium Heavy Duty Adjustable Platform Ladder RPL0406-I

    SKU: RPL0406-I
    $475.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Gorilla FSM006-PRO Ladder Pro-Lite 1.8m 6 Step Double Sided Fibreglass – 150kg Rated

    SKU: FSM006-PRO
    $325.00 inc GST

Gorilla Ladders, your 'go to' for quality and safety

Gorilla Ladder Features

At Vetner, we stock a vast range of Gorilla ladders and want to make sure you know all the benefits that they have to offer. This is a list of Gorilla ladders’ best features and each ladder style that has them:

  • Top cap organiser — Prevents tools from being dropped and keeps them easily accessible. Available on aluminium and industrial fibreglass single-sided ladders.
  • Anti-slip tread — Minimises slipping. Featured on all Gorilla ladder designs, including Gorilla platform ladders, Gorilla extension ladders, Gorilla order picking ladders, Gorilla step ladders, etc.
  • Resin bracing system — Increases torsion strength and decreases lower-stile damage. Patented resin braces can be found on industrial 150kg models, 1.8m (6ft) and over (excludes Gorilla extension ladders).
  • Roll locked D-shaped rungs — Optimised rung shape for added strength and durability. Featured on industrial Gorilla extension ladders.
  • Stabiliser mounting — Factory produced mounting holes allow for easy fitment of stabiliser. Mounting holes are present on most Gorilla ladders 1.8m (6ft) and over.
  • Internal spreader — Provides additional stability by reducing walking or moving from side to side abilities when the ladder is fully opened. When closing the ladder, it automatically packs away to prevent fouling. Fitted to all Gorilla step ladders.
  • Non-slip heavy-duty platform — Large non-slip platform surfaces for added safety when working at heights. Platform featured on Gorilla platform ladders.
  • Handrail — Heavy-duty aluminium handrail positioned at the front, 900mm high from the platform. Fitted to all Gorilla platform ladders.

With so many incredibly useful features available, get your favourite Gorilla ladder today! We ship all our ladders anywhere in Australia, usually between just 1-3 working days. Find the one that ticks all the right boxes for you, buy it online today at Vetner and enjoy using it in no time at all.

Shop Gorilla Ladders at Vetner

With over a decade of experience manufacturing ladders for the Australian and New Zealand markets, Gorilla Ladders Australia have become known for their high-quality products, with features that help to keep users safe. A Gorilla Ladder also delivers outstanding value across a broad range of access applications from a Gorilla platform ladder to a Gorilla extension ladder and everything in between.

Choose a quality Gorilla ladder

Safety and quality are our key drivers for all products from multi-purpose ladders to the Gorilla platform ladder, which is why all our products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 certification. Research and development is undertaken in Australia, with all Gorilla Ladder designs independently type tested to Australian and New Zealand standards, ensuring total and guaranteed adherence to safety and quality standards.

Order a Gorilla ladder anywhere in Australia

With depots all around Australia, Vetner can deliver your Gorilla ladder in a short amount of time or you can take advantage of our free pickup option. Contact us today or shop online to get the best quality ladder to suit your needs.

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