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    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Single Ladder – 8″ (2.4m) – Aust Made SI082

    SKU: SI082
    $225.00 inc GST
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    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Single Ladder – 10″ (3.0m) – Aust Made SI102

    SKU: SI102
    $260.00 inc GST
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    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Single Ladder – 12″ (3.6m) – Aust Made SI122

    SKU: SI122
    $295.00 inc GST
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    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Single Ladder – 14″ (4.2m) – Aust Made SI142

    SKU: SI142
    $320.00 inc GST
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    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Single Ladder – 16″ (4.8m) – Aust Made SI162

    SKU: SI162
    $370.00 inc GST
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    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Single Ladder – 18″ (5.4m) – Aust Made SI182

    SKU: SI182
    $415.00 inc GST
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    Ladamax Aluminium 150kg Single Ladder – 20″ (6.0m) – Aust Made SI202

    SKU: SI202
    $495.00 inc GST
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    Ladder Roof Hook

    SKU: 8011
    $149.00 inc GST
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    Lock Jaw Ladder Grip Ladder Stabiliser

    $109.00 inc GST
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    Bailey Extension Ladder StepThru Safety Device

    SKU: FS14000
    $284.00 inc GST
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    SKU: LV006 / LS001
    $319.00 inc GST
  • Bailey Elevated Work Platform Kit (Professional) FS13659

    SKU: FS13659
    $189.00 inc GST
  • Bailey Roof Workers Kit (Entry Level) FS13665

    SKU: FS13665
    $269.00 inc GST
  • Bailey Roof Workers Kit (Professional) FS13660

    SKU: FS13660
    $429.00 inc GST
  • Ladder Safe Leash

    SKU: LSH
    $95.00 inc GST
  • Black Adda Ladder Leveller

    $219.00 inc GST

From adjusting roof tiles, installing new light globes and cleaning your gutters, Vetner carries a range of aluminium step ladders that extend your reach and make it easy and safe to work from heights. Explore our collection of lightweight step ladders, levellers and safety hooks to access elevated items and spaces.

Reach the heavens with the best lightweight step ladder

If you need access to ceilings, roofs, or tall tree branches, our range of single aluminium ladders will give you the necessary reach to get the job done. We stock a collection of the best lightweight step ladders ranging from 2.4 to 6 metres to help you step up and complete your task with ease.

Whether you’re working across worksites or different areas of your property, the lightweight build of aluminium step ladders allows easy and convenient transport from your car, toolshed or wherever needed. We also stock a range of levellers, roof hooks, and safety leashes to extend your ladder’s safety features and functionality.

No matter the weather, sometimes the work just needs to get done. With resilience against water and the sun’s rays, your aluminium single ladder will withstand the elements and remain in peak condition for years to come.

Shop the best lightweight step ladders at Vetner

When you need to get the job done, look to Vetner to kit you out with all the ladders, tools and equipment you need. Whether you’re working at heights, have a DIY project or need a tool for work, we have everything you need. Explore our complete range online or visit us at any one of our convenient locations. If you have any questions or need help selecting the right tool for your project, contact us — we’re here to help.


Are there any disadvantages of aluminium step ladders?

Aluminium single ladders are a great, versatile piece of equipment that can be used in most conditions. While it is too conductive to be used when working on active electrical units, it is great for everything else.

Which lightweight aluminium ladder is best for home use?

All of the aluminium ladders can be used domestically however we would also recommend purchasing ladder safety accessories to keep you safe at home while working in and around your property. The Lacket is our best lightweight step ladder accessory for home use. Its award-winning design features a special safety feature that prevents extension ladders from slipping sideways or backwards so you can safely work from heights.

Is a single aluminium ladder better than steel?

While steel is far stronger and resilient —able to withstand heavy loads in commercial and industrial uses — it is incredibly heavy, making its transport and positioning more challenging. If you’re working in a trade alone or need to manage your weight load in your car, aluminium lightweight step ladders are recommended.

Is aluminium or fibreglass a better material for ladders?

While fibreglass is an exceptionally durable material resistant to water and rusting, aluminium is extremely lightweight and can be easily transported to many work settings. Aluminium step ladders are also water resistant and can be safely left out in the sun or rain without risk of adverse wear and tear.

What ladder size is best to use at home?

Whether you live in a cosy bungalow, Queenslander or a spacious McMansion, you’ll find a ladder to meet your needs at Vetner. A 3-metre ladder will handle most applications for a single-level dwelling, while a 6-metre ladder will help you reach the tops of a double-storey house.