Longara Med/Hard 350mm Broom Head

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350mm Terminator Head only.  It is a great design, Heavy Duty dual material Robust construction, 5 year Warranty, Recycled product utilised in construction, Great for Multi sediment agitation.  This brush has a specially engineered design fill pattern for dual collection. The bristle used is designed for strong position retention and great strength. The level extruded Polypropelene material allows for easy removal of sediment particles on both rough and smooth surfaces. Longara’s largest selling brush range.

Application- Can be used indoor and outdoor, Usage in Wet environments is fine. Heavier type work is its recommended situation of use.

Size- 350mm x 130mm x 70mm

Bristle Spec- Dual.010 Black and .022 Yellow Polypropelene Level and crimped fill,l trim length is 70mm from Stock. Great collection characteristics.

Stock Spec- Polypropelene Moulding. Solid wall section. Reinforced built in support rib.

Caring Tips-: if used wet in a wet environment, be sure you hang brush it in a well ventilated area for 24 hours to allow the water to disperse.