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  • Brick Vaneer Ties

    SKU: ProductID:1383889
  • Dampcourse

    SKU: ProductID:1383685
  • Easymix Concrete Mix

    SKU: ProductID:1383686
  • Easy Mix Easy Grout GP

    SKU: ProductID:1383687
  • Bar Chairs

    SKU: ProductID:1383692
  • Foam Joint

    SKU: ProductID:1383691
  • Wall Ties

    SKU: ProductID:1383694
  • EasyMix GP Cement

    SKU: ProductID:1383690
  • Rapid Set Concrete

    SKU: ProductID:1383689
  • Builders Film Black 200um 4x50m

    SKU: ProductID:1383987
  • Barrier Mesh

    SKU: ProductID:1383678
  • Bricktor

    SKU: ProductID:1383681
  • Construction Safety Caps

    SKU: ProductID:1383682

Everything you need for your building job, whether professional or DIY. The Vetner range of building materials includes barrier mesh, rapid set concrete, mortar and cement, foam joints, wall ties, damp course and black plastic.

“At Vetner, We¬†“Carry The Stock” .