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  • Kelso Large Fridge Hand Trolley 350 Kg Load Rated

    SKU: KHTLA-350
    $299.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Brickies Trolley – Curved Handles

    SKU: BT-2
    $495.00 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Brickies Trolley – Straight Handles

    SKU: BT-1
    $495.00 inc GST
  • Kelso Multi Purpose Pram Hand Trolley 250KG

    SKU: KHTMPP-250
    $210.00 inc GST
  • Pallet Jack 2500kg

    SKU: PT
    $540.00 inc GST

A wide range of trolleys designed to carry heavy items including fridges and stock up to 400kg. Including platform models, carton, stock, fridge, brick and general trolleys, there is a design to meet all your transportation needs.

“At Vetner, We¬†“Carry The Stock” .