Aliphatic Alcohol 20l

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CCS Aliphatic Alcohol is a water based concrete finishing compound designed for use on freshly poured and screeded concrete.


When diluted with clean water at the rate of 1 part CCS Aliphatic Alcohol to 9 parts water the product should achieve a coverage rate of 5 – 7m2 / litre.


Use water if CCS Aliphatic Alcohol is still wet. Once dry use methylated spirits and mineral turpentine (at a 50:50 ratio).


To avoid staining any residue from spillage or spraying onto the surface of hardened concrete should not be allowed to dry. Wipe off immediately and rinse with clean water.


Store in a cool dry area. Do not freeze.

For further information consult the Material Safety Data Sheet and read the product label carefully before use. Material Safety Data Sheets are available by phoning 1800 077 744.

It is designed to reduce the evaporation of water during finishing processes such as troweling and is great for reducing the effects of rapid drying when placing concrete during high temperatures low humidity and high wind conditions.

NOTE: This is not a curing compound and has no effect on hardened concrete. All placed concrete must be cured in accordance with industry standards.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water based
  • Improves the quality of concrete as a result ofcontrolled water evaporation
  • Reduces the likelihood of crusting or dusting on theconcrete surface
  • Can reduce the incidence of shrinkage
  • Eliminates the requirement for extra mixing water to


compensate for placement in hot weather conditions
• Does not affect the colour of pigment when used in full

depth coloured concrete


CCS Aliphatic Alcohol is available in 20 200 litre drums or 1000 litre containers.


  • Mix CCS Aliphatic Alcohol thoroughly with clean water at the ratio of 1 part CCS Aliphatic Alcohol to 9 parts water (1:9).
  • Apply CCS Aliphatic Alcohol with a low pressure sprayer immediately after the concrete has been screeded (while surface moisture is still present).
  • Spray should be light and uniform – producing a fine mist. Take care not to hold the spray nozzle too close to the concrete surface.This product contains a fugitive dye to help ensure a uniform application (disappears completely when dry and contains no curing properties).
  • Once CCS Aliphatic Alcohol has been applied correctly proceed with floating and troweling operations. This will break the film created by CCS Aliphatic Alcohol. Under severe conditions or if further troweling is necessary at a later stage repeated applications may be required.