Kwikgauge 5m Brick Gauge Tape Measure.


$40.00 inc GST

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The new 5m Kwikgauge GAUGE is finally here – the new 5 Metre addition to the KWIKGAUGE Brand!
This brand new Kwikgauge 5M GAUGE Tape fits easily in the palm of your hand, has a couple of new gauges on that will make you smile and best of all it’s lightweight so it won’t continually make your pants fall down!

Unlike the KWIKGAUGE Pro Brick Gauge Tape that offers the ability to calculate brick quantities, this new 5M GAUGE tape is for the brickie doing the hard yards who has no reason to work out brick quantities. It also includes standard metric measurements so you  don’t need to carry two tapes.

A tiny tape with a tiny price, this brilliant new 5M GAUGE Tape is AVAILABLE for purchase now!

From the collection of brick tapes that came into being by Col Costin, a brickie who decided there had to be a better way to lay bricks, this new tape eliminates the need for a gauge rod and joins the other KWIKGAUGE Tapes as the one and only ORIGINAL Brick Gauge Tapes in Australia! Now available at Vetner with all your Brickies needs.