Lock Jaw Ladder Grip Ladder Stabiliser


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World Class Ladder Safety Device.

“When Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is in place, the ladder does not move”.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip available now at Vetner the Ladder Shop secures ladder to the gutter using a unique patented jaw and retention mechanism without damaging the gutter.  Once it locks the ladder onto the gutter, the ladder will not move so it provides safety for the person when climbing the ladder.

The product is designed to work as a single unit.  Having said that people accessing multi storey buildings on a regular basis often opt to use two units (one on each side of the ladder) for extra safety.

It is one of the best ladder stabiliser device in the world, invented and designed in Australia.  It was also a finalist in the “Shell Australian Innovation” competition.

This product is used by a broad range of customers ranging from home handypersons, builders, plumbers, solar installers and electricity companies to name a few.  It suits anyone who needs to access a roof using a ladder which will be rested on guttering.

  • Quick to fasten and remove. It locks on in 5 seconds.
  • Prevent falls by stopping the ladder from moving.
  • Saves money. No one needs to hold the ladder.
  • Assist to meet OHS and legislative requirements. Reduces liability.
  • Fits most ladders. It can accommodate ladder rails up to approximately 40mm wide.
  • Robust and secure with a unique patented jaw and retention mechanism
  • Easy to use
  • One or two units can be used on a ladder
  • Made of high quality steel and nylon
  • Can be used on the majority of guttering in Australia including both traditional and box guttering
  • Supplied with a carabiner which can be clipped onto your belt loop or work belt to carry the device up the ladder
  • Built to last.
  • Tested using 100kg load testing
  • Unique and world class design
  • UV stabilised
  • WEIGHT1.1 kg
    DIMENSIONS265 × 150 × 155 cm