Pro Shot R9 Receiver and Clamp

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The R9 is Pro Shot’s top of the line laser receiver.


It combines an affordable price with the features of high end high cost laser receivers. It’s compatible with all Pro Shot laser levels and most other brands of rotating lasers on the market. Grade information is conveyed via an LCD front panel display an LED display on the back and audio tones. 


The visual display provides five channels of information: high high fine on grade low fine and low. Users can select between three operating accuracies: ultra-fine (±1/64 inch) standard (±1/16 inch) and coarse (±1/8 inch). The R9 provides between 152m and 305m  (500 and 1000 feet) of working range depending upon which Pro Shot transmitter it’s paired with. The receiver runs for approximately 60 hours on a 9V alkaline battery. 


Backed by a 2 year warranty.