Tommy Tucker Drop Saw Bench

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Tommy Tucker Saw Bench Includes 2 x Extensions

Tommy Tucker Innovation
Simple and Quick to Assemble
Fullt adjustable and extremely stable

2 Extensions Included

The robust aluminium stop isadjustable up to
2.95m from the saw blade when using extemsions

An extra fence can be obtained in any poition on top of the bench
by clamping an additional Stop upside down under the bench top.
The tounge will protrude the bench top by 30mm.

A 2.2m simple self locking extension is optional and can be fitted
to either end of the bench. The extensions are folding and are slotted for precise height adjustment.

When 2 extensions are fitted the total overall lenght of the bench top
is 6m.

1. Fold out both legs of the Saw Bench into the fully open position.
2. Saw Bench must be positioned on a flat level surface.
3. Fit Platform.
4. Place the Drop-Saw on top of the aluminium Platform.
5. Adjust the height of the Platform by turning the four Nylock5. nuts provided so as the saw table is level with the channel top.
6. Align the fence of the saw with the outer edge of the
150mm wide saw bench channel top by using a straight edge.
7. Drill at least 2 x 10mm holes through the base of the Drop-Saw
and through the aluminium Platform.
8. To bolt the Drop-Saw down use at least 2 x 10mm hex bolts
with Nylock nuts and tighten.
9. To secure the Platform to the Bench use one wing nut on each
of the four height adjusting rods.
10. To fit extension lift to 45o.