Kelso 65L Narra Barra Pro Trade Poly Tray Wheelbarrow 4.8 Wheel

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Kelso Pro Trade 65 Lt Narra Barra lock-fast poly tray Barrow with 4” pneumatic wheel 20% narrower tray in-built pouring lip with one piece handle and nose includes heavy duty shockboard & tray supports.

Designed for carrying loose bricks tiles pavers and narrow spaces.



• Narrow design poly tray with moulded shockboard for easy access into tight spaces

• Inbuilt pouring lip

• Lock-fast tray (No protruding bolt heads)

• 20% narrower than conventional trays

• One piece 32mm tubular nose and handle frame for maximum strength

• 25mm front supports with front top tray support and two 5mm under tray supports




Tray: 5mm Lock-fast PolyWheels4.80/4.00 x 8” steel rim pneumatic wheel

Handles: One piece 32mm tubular handles and nose

Legs: 32mm tubular welded legs

Extras: Moulded shockboard 25mm front supports two 5mm thick under tray supports