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Can Your Brick and Block Saws Do the Job?

By June 11, 2020No Comments

This is a question that shouldn’t even need to be asked, but professionals have to ask it all the time. Brick saws and block saws are major assets. If they’re not up to scratch, the job can be in trouble.

What if you can’t do a must-do job, simply because your block saw or concrete saw isn’t up to it? The usual result is downtime, much very sincere cursing, and added costs. It’s hardly the dream scenario for tradespeople.

The sad fact is that some saws really can’t do the work. Brick saws and block saws are precision tools. They have to be; you can’t have just any old cut on a brick face, because it compromises the structure of the brick and the surrounding bricks. It also adds a lot more work and costs.

The new brick saws pretty much spell out what you want in a good saw:

• Safe handling
• Secure platform for cutting with good mitre guides
• Clear vision of the cut
• Very high quality blades
• Water source built in
• Easy to use and move around onsite
• Tough construction, can last for years

Compare this shopping list of absolute, rock bottom basics on a top quality brick saw to your current equipment. How much extra time is used “fixing” problems you shouldn’t have? Do the people using your brick saws look like they’re going through some sort of nerve-wracking experience? How much re-cutting is required? What’s the wastage? Do your foremen have that grim look that only an experienced tradesperson can achieve, after a cutting session?

If your people and the bricks look like they both need counselling after a cutting session, your gear’s definitely not up to scratch. It’s time you upgraded to top quality new equipment.

Sourcing Your New Saws

A word of advice at this point – Source your new gear from specialist suppliers! You need a supplier who knows everything there is to know about brick and block saws. You also need top brands, and good sourcing for other tools, like concrete saws, etc.

Interestingly, online suppliers are the best bet for finding exactly what you want. These specialists also tend to have the best prices, and excellent ranges of other useful gear. You can find a great top brand saw at a good price, and source your other needs as well.

Their prices are better because they’re essentially warehousing their ranges of equipment. Online suppliers’ price very competitively, particularly in the Australian market where demand is high, but so is the demand for quality. Expect a much better purchasing experience.

You save on your purchase before you even start shopping, if you shop online. Good suppliers also have local stores, where you can access whatever you need fast, at the same prices. Its good business all round, for suppliers and trades.

New Equipment Purchases

When purchasing, browse first and then talk to the experts. Some of this new equipment is even better than it looks. Ask about productivity values, high performance saws, and all the nuts and bolts stuff.

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