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Cement Mixers Bottom Line: Capacity and Performance Benefits Explained

By June 11, 2020No Comments

If you’re looking at replacing your old cement mixers, a word of caution – Make sure you’re getting the new generation of cement mixers. The new cement are designed for excellent workflow and come in heavy duty and lightweight models.

The new design story with modern cement mixers is pretty simple, but if you’re in the concrete trade, you’ll appreciate the ideas:

• Very high grunt machines: The major issue with cement mixers is performance. Expect to see noticeable productivity improvements with these new machines. They’re designed to manage very high workloads with ease. Like the venerable old-style cement mixers, they’re good reliable workhorses, designed to take a real pounding and lots of work.

• Ease of use onsite: All new cement mixers are designed to be very agile onsite. They’re not heavy, and they’re easy to move, even on a cluttered site. (Anyone who’s ever tried playing hide and seek with a cement mixer in the sheer amount of stuff which can clutter up a construction site will understand.)

• Workflow: The other major design idea is to improve workflow with tough, dependable motors and good mixing speeds. The new mixers can deliver good output, all the time. This added dimension to workflow delivers significant value on the job.

Comparing Cement Mixers

In the industry, the professionals get pretty fussy about cement mixers and compare different makes and models. There’s a good reason for that. Most professional tradespeople set standards for equipment performance, and they don’t tolerate substandard gear.

That’s particularly the case with core equipment like cement mixers. Your cement mixer defines your work rate and capacity. A good mixer can deliver a great output and excellent work times. Nothing else will do.

The comparison checklist for a good cement mixer is:

• Good capacity: Your mixer must be able to deliver a good measurable output in context with your needs. New mixers have a range which is enough for most jobs. Use a good solid capacity like 90L as a guideline for comparing machines.

• Good performance specifications: Specifications are well worth investigating in detail. Use a good, proven high performer like The Brickstorm Tradesman 2.3 Cement Mixer as a guide. This top quality machine has a list of specifications which spell it out to you that it’s a great mixer. Compare a benchmark mixer like this with other options in this capacity range to get a clear picture of comparative performances.

• Heavy duty construction: You can spot a good mixer by standout toughness features like heavy duty pinions and similar features. Another major consideration is good wheels, the sort you can trust onsite. Get a good tough machine, and you’ll have few problems.

• Engine: Do you want an electric or petrol engine? It does make a difference, so compare at least 2 or 3 of the same type of engine for specifications.

Trying to Find a Great Cement Mixer in Brisbane?

Vetner stocks a large range of top quality new generation cement mixers. If you’re looking for a top quality top brand machine, we’re your instant solution in Brisbane.

Call us your nearest Vetner store, or contact us online. We’ll be happy to provide any technical guidance, advice and support you need.

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