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Moving House? Invest in a Cargo Net

By June 11, 2020No Comments
Moving House? Invest in Cargo Nets

Moving house is always a big job, and you’ll understandably want to move as much as you can yourself. Hiring moving crews and trucks is expensive, so the more you can do under your own steam the better. By using one or more cargo nets you can not only make this job easier for yourself but also increase the amount of stuff you can take with each trip. With a little luck, you’ll only need a van or truck for the really hefty stuff.

Secure and Protect Your Possessions

A big cause of anxiety when moving is the thought that something might get lost or damaged in the process. Using cargo nets will bring you peace of mind on this front. Not only will they secure bigger items, but the thick, rip-resistant mesh will keep any smaller items that come loose inside the trailer, truck, or ute tray. The nets will also protect the items against bumps and scrapes that might occur during the drive. Quality nets are also UV stabilised, providing protection from the sun on longer drives.

Peace of Mind Carrying Heavy Loads

When moving house you’ll often be shifting heavier than usual loads, and ordinary ropes or even ratchet straps won’t suffice. But with the high load rating of cargo nets for your ute or trailer, you won’t need to worry. A good cargo net for a ute tray can comfortably secure and hold 700 kilograms, while a roof rack or truck net can accommodate 1 000 kilograms. If you accommodate even heavier items, extra straps can raise those ratings.

Maximise Your Space

Without a reliable means of securing your household items while driving, you’ll be limited to what you can fit inside your car. But with cargo nets you greatly increase that space. Not only will you now be able to use a trailer – assuming your car is setup to do so – but you can also integrate a net with your existing roof rack to add even more space. A roof rack is not always the most secure place to put valuable items, but with a cargo net rated to secure loads of up to 1000 kilograms, you can rest easy.

Be Careful Not to Overload Your Car

While it’s great being able to load so much more for your move, don’t get too carried away. It’s important not to overload your car’s suspension and tyres. To find out what the maximum safe load for your car to carry is, find out its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and then subtract the weight of the vehicle. What’s left over is the maximum amount of weight your car can carry.

Avoid Legal Issues

Another good reason to use cargo nets when moving house is to avoid legal issues and fines. You have enough stress and expenses already without getting a ticket for an unsecured load.

Learn More

At Vetner, we have cargo nets for sale in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and other areas of Queensland. Get in touch to discuss our range or get some tips on securing loads for your big move

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