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The 5 Levels of Safety: Options to Consider before Using a Ladder

By June 11, 2020No Comments
When planning to work at heights, the first tool that most builders think of using is the ladder. But while it may be the simplest and most common solution, it may not always be the best choice, especially if the work requires some heavy lifting or staying at heights for more than 30 minutes.

Vetner Ladders

As a recognised retailer of ladders in Brisbane, at Vetner we believe in not only giving our customers the best quality equipment, but also ensuring that these equipment are chosen carefully and used properly, with utmost safety in mind. When it comes to working at heights, safety is always paramount. So before you immediately pick up a ladder, first consider the 5 levels of safety.

The 5 Levels of Safety

Worksafe Victoria offers a hierarchy of control measures for the prevention of falls, which indicates 5 levels you need to consider before opting to use a ladder. These levels ensure that you are practising the safest possible methods of working at heights and therefore, significantly minimise the risk of falls.

The hierarchy’s five levels indicate the measures which provide the highest level of protection (level 1) to the lowest level of protection (level 5). Builders are encouraged to consider all levels, starting at level 1, before making a decision on the type of elevating equipment to use.

The 5 levels are as follows:

Level 1: Work from the ground using extendable or long handled tools, or use a solid work platform. Relocate the work to the ground, if possible.

Level 2: Use a passive fall prevention device, such as elevated work platforms, guardrailing and scaffolding. An order picker may qualify as a Level 2 device, but it must first comply with certain stability requirements.

Level 3: Use a work positioning system, such as a travel restraint system or an industrial rope access system.

Level 4: Use a fall arrest system. This may be a safety harness system, an industrial safety net or a catch platform.

Level 5: When all other options have been considered and are not practicable or suitable for the task, a ladder may be used, given that it is appropriate for the duration and purpose of the task and is used in the proper manner. Included in this level are platform ladders, order pickers and all other types of ladders.

When a task needs to be done at a certain height, remember to follow through the 5 levels. This will give you a full range of safer alternatives, and when it comes to working at heights, safety should be prioritised over simplicity.

Lastly, always make sure to have reliable equipment for the job. Whether you need work platforms, scaffolding or ladders, trust Vetner to provide you with top quality equipment. We have a full range of platforms, scaffolding and Bailey ladders for sale that are built to give you efficiency, durability and safety

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