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Tips for a Perfect Concrete Saw Cut

By June 11, 2020No Comments

Cutting concrete is a difficult task, which takes the utmost precision, patience and skill. The entire process is further confounded when you consider the fact that often you only have one opportunity at the cut unless you want to begin the entire process again. By practicing proper concrete cutting techniques and being up to date on the latest power saw technology, you are certain to get the best possible finish every time. Whether you are a professional tradesmen looking for a bit of a refresher or if you’re a DIY practitioner looking to begin their journey, we are here to provide tips to improve your concrete cutting abilities.

Choosing the Right Equipment

While it is still possible to use ancient techniques to cut concrete such as using a chisel and sledgehammer, we recommend that you use a specialised circular saw for the job. The current power saw range available to consumers today is quite astonishing and represents the forefront in industrial technology. We recommend looking in to purchasing a specifically designed concrete saw which are designed for heavy duty, professional construction work. Even if you are not a professional tradesperson, it is advisable to still have the equipment of the pros to get the results you desire.

At Vetner we stock two of the leading manufacturers of power cutters in the world. Stihl and Husqvarna are producers of the finest quality power saws and guarantee to produce sparkling finishes on your concrete surfaces every time. Our range is representative of the finest products available on the market today.

Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are essential to accompany your power saw when looking to cut through concrete. Diamond blades are designed to slice through the most rigid and dense surfaces possible, making light work of any concrete structure you are working on.

Concrete Cutting Do’s

  • Begin with a single surface cut. This allows you to mark the location where you are cutting along, while also breaking the compactness of the concrete and hence making it easier to cut through.
  • When cutting, retract the blade and let it run freely every 30 seconds. This will ensure that the saw does not overheat.
  • Always wear protective safety gear when cutting through concrete. Flying bits of debris can be extremely dangerous and lead to serious injury. Always make sure that you are wearing safety goggles, earmuffs and gloves.

Concrete Cutting Don’ts

  • Never force a blade into the cut and exert too much pressure on the saw. Simply let the weight of the saw do the cutting, while you steer it.
  • Do not ever start cutting without a map planned out in your mind and on the surface for how the job will be done. Prepare properly by using a piece of chalk to draw out where you want to cut.

For the widest range of concrete and power saws, look no further than Vetner. Browse or website of contact us for more information or advice on the best cutting methods.

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