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Why Cargo Nets Are So Useful for Any Job

By June 11, 2020No Comments

If you have ever even attempted to organise an important load for travel or business, you will hopefully be all too well aware of the possible problems.

Some of these include:

  • Getting everything in place in whatever amount of space you have available to transport your load.

  • Keeping the load organised, so you don’t have to rummage around forever on the job trying to find what you want.

  • Making sure the load is secure and stable, and not going to shake itself (or your vehicle) to pieces in transit.

  • Making sure the load is safe and not going to be dangerous to load or unload. This is a classic trap for the inexperienced; heavy loads can kill and maim. Always assume any load is risky while handling, and be super-careful how you manage every load.

The truth is that unless your load is truly locked in and well organised, it can cause a lot of trouble, both on the move and in terms of damage in transit. How many times have you heard or seen “damaged in transit” as the reason your order has arrived in kit form? That’s usually why.

Cargo Nets, the Solution for Any Load

Cargo nets were originally designed to manage huge, heavy shipping loads, quickly and efficiently. Cargo nets allowed very large loads to be moved by crane to the wharf, with minimal handling, less risk, and much better loading and unloading times.

The same principles apply to modern cargo nets for road transport. You can get cargo nets for your Ute, a cargo net for your roof rack, and more. These tough, dependable nets can be adapted to any type of working environment, from special loads to daily jobs and more.

Not too surprisingly, Australian tradespeople, notably in the construction industry, have been quick to pick up on the very high values of cargo nets. If you’re seeing a lot of utes on the road using nets lately, it’s no coincidence. When you’re moving a lot of diversified gear, you want everything to arrive in good working order.

Cargo nets also reduce wear and tear on tarpaulins. The fact is that even a good tarp can’t be expected to survive much bumping around from heavy equipment for long. They can get cut to shreds, and worse, the load can move, too, causing more chaos. Cargo nets pin down the load and create a buffer between the load and the tarp.

Onsite, cargo nets can be removed in seconds and your load is ready to use. No more digging around in the truck or the ute tray looking for things; everything will be where you put it. Also very much to the point – No more wondering how your gear got scrambled on the road and what to do about it, either.

Need Cargo Nets in Brisbane?

Vetner is your local and online supplier for cargo nets with physical stores in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, we also serve customers from the Gold Coast and South East Queensland. Source your cargo net online, or drop in to one of our stores and talk to our professionals about your needs. You can call us at any of stores, or contact us online and we’ll respond ASAP.

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