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Yes, You Do Need Specialised Ladders…

By June 11, 2020June 6th, 2024No Comments
Anyone who works with ladders usually has multiple roles for them, and they’re taken everywhere on the job. Their ladders are indispensable, must-have assets.

What most people don’t know is that modern ladders have diversified, and there are now many more options available for them.

Types of Ladders and Business Values

Every type of ladder has its own special values on the job:

  • Platform step ladders: These very valuable ladders deliver a built-in stable platform, ideal for prolonged trades and industrial work. The more advanced brands, like Bailey and Gorilla ladders, include safety gate options and extra stability footings.

  • Single ladders: These tend to be longer ladders with high weight ratings for improved access and all-purpose roles. Modern single ladders include non-slip features, anti-corrosion, and tough, heavy duty longevity.

  • Extension ladders: These all-purpose ladders are natural choices for tradespeople who want height, reach and good load capacity. The latest extension ladders include triple extensions, easy to pack in the truck, and a wide choice of aluminium and fibreglass models.

  • Dual purpose ladders: Good all-rounders, these ladders include two sided extensions, tree and pole support, and more. The dual purpose ladders are excellent for diversified trade work where you need good access with no-nonsense practical onsite features.

  • Double sided ladders: The double sided ladders are economic users of space, providing two angles of access. The latest double sided ladders also include the ultra-useful extra wide ladders, a dream come true for those who carry a lot of gear up and down all day.

  • Order picking ladders: These are specialist ladders, built for safe work in warehouses, stockrooms, and just about anywhere you can put your inventory. Top of the line Bailey and Ladamax order picking ladders are almost unbelievably versatile in any onsite role. They’re true safety ladders, too, great for people managing demanding stock.

Specialised Ladders

As trades become more high tech and expand their range of operations in more modern buildings, the uses of specialised ladders have evolved.

An electrician, for example, with a bag of trade tools and gear, will opt for a good platform ladder as a do-everything option. A painter will prefer a tough but highly adaptable ladder set for work. A plumber may want a mix of step ladder and a safety platform, with extra space. Some expert tradespeople need a mix of everything on site, and go for a multipurpose telescopic ladder.

That’s how all these new ladder designs have evolved, by meeting real needs. Some of the new “species” of ladders are surprisingly popular for their simple but ultra-practical uses. Ladders like the shorter, ultra-useful safety step ladders, for example, are very agile, easy to move around, and easy to use on any site.

Looking for the Perfect Ladder in Brisbane?

If you’re looking for a do-everything ladder, or several types of ladder for your business, talk to Vetner. You can buy your ladders online direct from us.

We have the latest top brand ladders for sale including Bailey, Ladamax, Gorilla, and many more. Call us at any of our Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast stores, or contact us online anytime.

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