Crete Off – 750ml

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About Crete-Off

How Does Crete Off Concrete Dissolver Work?

Crete Off Concrete Dissolver works by attacking and dissolving the “glue ” or Portland in concrete. It deconstructs the bond between the Portland and the other ingredients such as sand or gravel. It turns the material into a soft mush which does not require hazardous waste disposal. The amount of time required for this process is strictly proportional to the thickness of the concrete being dissolved.

The WOW Test!!

concrete block

speedy clean

hours later


Even a Thick Concrete Block Is Shortly Turned to Mush.

Clean concrete and mortar from trowels hand tools mixers screeds pumps scaffolds mud tubs mud boards trucks trailers and silos saws drills and generators windows and window frames etc.

Crete Off Concrete Dissolver FAQ.

Who Uses Crete Off Concrete Dissolver?

Crete Off Concrete Dissolver has proven to be the best solution to remove concrete from any surface that concrete is not intended to be on.  The ready mix industry building industry hire industry repair industry masons decorative concrete specialists swimming pool contractors landscape gardeners plumbing industry and even panel beaters are all that have used Crete Off to remove concrete from surfaces it’s not supposed to be on.

Does Crete Off Concrete Dissolver Contain Acid?

Crete Off Concrete Dissolver is acidic the way a lemon or an orange is but it does not contain any acid. There is no muriatic or sulphuric acid in Crete Off Concrete Dissolver.

How fast does Crete Off Concrete Dissolver work?

Crete Off Concrete Dissolver normally works in 10 to 15 minutes depending on the application. The amount of soak time will really depend in the thickness of the material trying to be removed. The minimum should be about 10 minutes but thicker materials may take 30 or more and repeated applications. It is important to keep the material wet with the Crete Off Concrete Dissolver and not let it dry.

Do I wet with water the items to be cleaned or etched?

DO NOT wet material before applying Crete Off Concrete Dissolver ever. You must apply it to the material when it is dry. Any water on the material will neutralize the effects of the concrete dissolver and it will not work.

Is Crete Off Concrete Dissolver classified a hazardous material?

Crete Off Clean Concrete Dissolver is not classified as a hazardous material. It is 100% biodegradable and can be shipped without any hazmat markings.

Crete Off CONCRETE DISSOLVER is available in:

  • 750ml Spray Bottles
  • 5 ltr containers
  • 20 ltr drums
  • Can also be purchased in 208 ltr drums on request.