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What is The Lacket?

The Lacket is the innovative ladder safety product that stops an extension ladder from slipping sideways or falling backwards vertically.

The Lacket’s patented, award-winning design uses a unique wedging effect to lock an extension ladder firmly into position, and through extensive testing has proven to withstand even the most extreme conditions.

The Lacket is the only adjustable ladder safety product that enables you to secure an extension ladder before even setting foot on the ladder.

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Before you step on a ladder, Lock it Safe with Lacket.


Watch this short instructional video for all you need to know to use The Lacket on your extension ladder. – HOW TO USE THE LACKET

How does The Lacket work?

The Lacket uses a wedging effect to secure an extension ladder to any building or structure that has an overhang. Have you ever tried to jam a door closed by wedging a chair underneath the door handle? That gives you a rough idea of how the wedging effect is used to lock the ladder into position. When combined with the provided safety straps to tie off the base of the ladder, the ladder is wedged or jammed into position and cannot be moved.

What materials is The Lacket made of?

The Lacket is made from a combination of Stainless Steel, T-6061 alloy and high density impact resistant plastic. Plastics are also UV rated to withstand constant UV rays without compromising the structural integrity of The Lacket. It’s built to last wherever you store and use your ladder.

These materials have been specifically chosen for their strength, weight and ability to resist rust and corrosion.

Has The Lacket been tested?

The Lacket has undergone rigorous testing by independent engineers to prove that it can withstand the most extreme forces – forces that would never normally be exerted on a ladder. We always recommend that the strictest ladder safety be adhered to, even with The Lacket in place to secure your ladder.

Is The Lacket approved by Australian safety governing bodies?

If you use The Lacket in conjunction with the provided cam-buckle tie down straps, you will fulfill the requirements for securing the top and bottom of an extension ladder as required by Australian safety governing bodies.

Winner SafeWork NSW Awards 2017

Will The Lacket fit on my ladder?

The Lacket is fully adjustable, and will fit on any of the most commonly used ladder makes and models that meet Australian safety standards.

Do I have to secure the bottom of my ladder when using The Lacket?

SafeWork NSW recommends that you secure the top or the bottom of the ladder (or both).

We at The Lacket Company recommend that you never work alone on a ladder. However we understand that this is not always possible, so here are some alternate solutions for securing the base of the ladder whilst using the Lacket to secure the top.  And remember, good ladder safety means you should always use a ladder on a level, immovable surface.

  1. Place a weighted object (such as a 20kg sandbag, bag of concrete etc) at the base of the ladder.
  2. Stabilise the feet of the ladder through the use of a ladder feet stabiliser or ladder leveller etc.
  3. Tie off to a ground peg. We have supplied two 4m cam-buckle straps so the operator can secure the base of the ladder.
  4. Tie off to weighted object (greater than 20kgs), using the supplied 4m cam-buckle straps. The weighted object could be a bag of cement, a bag of sand etc.
  5. Tie off to any fixed structure.

NB: Ladder not included