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What Is the Best Brand of Ladders?

From 2021-2022, there were 6,226 hospitalisations due to injuries from falling off a ladder in Australia. Ladders are a dangerous, but necessary, tool used in many industries and for home improvement projects. Therefore, safety while using is of the utmost importance.

Luckily, several ladders are now designed with innovative safety features. Come with us to explore the best ladder brands that will suit your needs and keep you safe. 

Bailey Ladders

Bailey is one of the top ladder brands in Australia. They offer a wide variety of ladders that are known for their quality and durability. Whether you need a ladder for home maintenance or to use one for your work, Bailey has the perfect product for you.

Bailey offers a range of extension and step ladders, suitable for use around the home or in a professional setting. They also offer a selection of order pickers for warehouses.

Bailey has both aluminum and fiberglass ladders, ensuring strength and stability for any job. Many of their products feature their propriety Punchlock® technology and LOCK-IN® system, designed to meet Australia’s high safety standards.

Gorilla Ladders

For over a decade, Gorilla has produced high-quality ladders with a wide range of safety features. These include:

  • anti-slip tread (available on all Gorilla ladders)
  • handrails
  • non-slip platforms
  • resin bracing
  • stabiliser mounting

Gorilla offers several extensions, platforms, and step ladders. Their step ladders are available in both single and double-sided varieties. They also feature order pickers and work platforms, perfect for warehouse workers and tradespeople.


Indalex ladders are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They offer a range of step ladders, perfect for everyday use, as well as heavy-duty extension ladders, perfect for use on construction job sites. They also have a dual-purpose ladder, which can be used as a double-sided step ladder or folded straight for more height.

Indalex offers both aluminium and fibreglass ladders. Their fibreglass ladders are a top choice among electricians in Australia. This is because fibreglass is non-conductive, ensuring safety while they carry out their job.


In business since 1998, Ladamax has been one of the most reliable ladder brands for contractors and other tradespeople. They offer a range of lightweight and heavy-duty ladders, all suitable for professional use. Through their range of innovative safety features, Ladamax is committed to creating safer workplaces for everyone.

Ladamax has two Ultimate Failsafe features that help reduce the risk of workplace accidents. The first is Swagelock, which prevents rung collapse while in use. The second is their exclusive failsafe platform, ensuring the user’s safety.

Over the past 20 years, Ladamax is proud to say that they’ve had zero claims on their products. Their ladders haven’t been involved in any accidents, so you know you’ll be safe when using their products.

Little Giant Ladders

Many ladder accidents are the result of misuse caused by human error. Little Giant Ladders has sought to combat this by creating products designed to protect the user.

Many of their ladders feature levelling systems, ensuring safety on uneven surfaces. They also have simple closing mechanisms, allowing users to safely open and close them with one hand.

Little Giants Ladders are perfect for DIY projects around the home, such as painting ceilings. They’re also well-suited for electricians and contractors, due to their non-conductive properties and variety of configurations.


Allweld manufactures a range of industrial ladders that are a favourite among tradespeople. They specialise in platform ladders and order pickers, but they also offer orchard ladders, access platforms, and more.

They also offer a wide range of safety accessories including:

  • automatic castors
  • handrails
  • loading trays
  • rubber feet
  • safety gates

These safety features are optional and can be added to suit your needs.

Bauer Corporation

Bauer Corporation produces a variety of professional-grade ladders that can be used on the job or at home. They’re known for their quality design and craftsmanship. Their sturdy ladders will hold up to everyday use. Bauer offers several types of ladders including extension, step, and utility ladders. 


In business for over 30 years, Branach has become world-renowned for their safety and innovation. They offer a range of extension, higher-stability, and platform ladders.

Branach works with companies in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, mining, and oil and gas. 


Pelco ladders are a top choice among tradespeople because they’re durable, stable, and non-conductive. They offer extension ladders made from either wooden lamilite or fibreglass.

Their wooden lamilite ladders are lightweight and rigid, making for enhanced safety. They have a pole becket version, ideal for electricity and communications workers. They also have a plain top version, ideal for other tradespeople and homeowners.

Their fibreglass ladders also offer enhanced safety and are user-friendly. They also offer a hauling system with a rope affixed to the ladder by pulleys.


Welbilt ladders, made by the C. Kennett Ladder Company, are known for their quality and safety. 

Their standard offerings include:

  • double-sided ladders
  • dual purpose ladders
  • extension ladders
  • platform ladders
  • shelf ladders
  • single ladders

They also offer custom-made maintenance ladders, order pickers, and track ladders. Like many other companies, they have both aluminium and fibreglass ladders, but they also offer timber ladders.


Werner offers a full line of professional-grade ladders that meet all international safety standards. Most often you’ll find their ladders on job sites, but they’re also suitable for use in the home.

Over the years, they’ve developed several industry-leading safety standards, including The Werner Performance System and THE EDGE® Professional bracing system. They offer a range of extension, multi-use, and step ladders, as well as portable scaffolding.

The Best Ladder Brands of 2024

If you’re planning on buying a ladder, let our selection of the best ladder brands be your guide. These brands prioritise safety and offer a range of products to suit every need.

For more than 40 years, Vetner has supplied quality products to businesses and homeowners alike. We offer several of the ladder brands mentioned in this article and provide fast, affordable delivery.

Contact us with any questions or visit one of our stores today!

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